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Sellers of unique and special properties need a unique and special agent.

Have you ever had a special property listing, like a log home or horse farm, or a golf property or premier country home — or something similar — and you know it’s not going to be easy to sell? You know that the buyer’s unlikely to be from the area, but you’re not quite sure how to reach them? Oh, and your client expects you to do some type of special marketing for their property, but neither they or you are quite sure what that is?

We call these ‘lifestyle’ properties, and we know that selling them is different than selling traditional residential real estate. It takes a different marketing strategy. But even before that, it takes an ability to see the task differently. Traditional real estate agents and brokers approach the task the way they’ve always approached it, that is, to put a sign in the yard and list the property in the MLS. Oh sure, they’ll also put the property on their own website, and general websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and others, but all of this presupposes that the target audience for the property knows where to look for it. In other words, the traditional real estate world is driven by geography.


Have you ever noticed that the first field that buyers have to enter on 99% of real estate websites is for the city, town or zip code? Well, guess what? The vast majority of buyers of lifestyle properties don’t know the city, town, or zip code. One of the common denominators of almost all lifestyle properties is that people who buy them come from out-of-town, they search within a travel radius from where they live, and it’s common that they know what they’re looking for, but not necessarily where to find it. In fact, they can typically describe it in great detail. They’ve imagined it. They’ve felt it. They can see it in their mind’s eye. And they know how far they’re willing to drive (or fly) to get to it. But they often don’t know the names of the towns, counties or zip codes where to search.

So, this mean that the first step for sellers of Michigan lakefront properties, country homes, small farms, log homes, horse, golf and ski properties, acreage and other recreational properties is to find a real estate agent like those at Michigan Lifestyle Properties, because we approach the sale of real estate by property type. At Michigan Lifestyle Properties, we look at the marketing of non-traditional real estate differently, because we know that’s what it takes to get the job done.

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The Michigan Lifestyle Properties Network is a unique, integrated suite of websites, and the only comprehensive resource of its kind for people interested in buying, selling or building lifestyle properties in Michigan, including waterfront properties, Great Lakes real estate, premier properties, country homes, land, horse properties, log homes, historic homes, golf properties, ski properties, active adult communities, and bed & breakfasts. On the MLP Network, each of our sites is dedicated to a specific property type, so buyers and sellers who are searching for a particular real estate ‘lifestyle’ can easily find what you’re looking for.

Because our sites are top performers for common lifestyle property search terms, thousands of visitors per month easily find the MLP Network when they search the internet. And when they do find us, they stay on our sites for longer periods of time relative to other real estate websites.

Not only can they can easily search by property type to buy, but because they may be considering more than one property type, they can easily jump, say from lake home to log home, or horse property to country home, or any other combination.

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